The project plans in photos

What the undergrounding project is all about – improving the landscape

We’re improving the landscape in Devizes by going underground.

The North Wessex Downs VIP project is looking to replace a 4km section of overhead electricity transmission line to the North of Devizes with an underground connection. Up to 13 pylons would be permanently removed from the landscape.

Scroll through the photo gallery below to see what the landscape looks like now (2021), and what it will look like in three or four years.

The area north of Devizes as it is today (2021)

The project aims to remove these pylons to the north of Devizes

One of the existing pylons on Roundway Hill

In three or four years, this stretch of the White Horse Trail will look very different

Looking west towards the village of Rowde, the pylon on the left has its feet in the Roundway Down & Covert SSSI

We will look to sensitively remove it and create opportunities to enhance the SSSI